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My New Jam

SiverSirena in my natural element.

This has to be what the beginning of an addiction feels like…

In keeping with the spirit of new beginnings and trying new things, I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to take SilverSirena live. So to speak.  I got the idea last winter as I miserably tolerated the colder than usual winter. I kept dreaming of warmer days and being out and about in sundresses and sandals enjoying San Antonio. I saw an ad for Square, you know the swipey thingies to pay for purchases usually from a small business. I ordered a Square and started a page of notes and ideas.

Come April of this year and the weather is warm and the city is waking up from hibernation. I start seeing ads for various markets around town and decide to get this show going. It was important to me to find the right event to present SilverSirena. I found a post by Dollface Den on Instagram or  asking for vendors for their first 3rd Saturday Market. It seemed like a perfect fit.  Me with my retro, vintage, designer, awesome goodies and them with their cool rockabilly, vintage vibe. Sign me up!

I took weeks preparing for my debut. I admit, I wasn’t even nervous, just really really excited. The day came and I was ready! I had my awesome boyfriend (@Dunnswood check him out for real!) helping me set up and just being an awesome cheerleader.

I’m pretty pleased with my first event! I’m glad to report that pretty much everyone who stopped by my little booth made a purchase. I went into the day with 4 containers full of inventory and hope. Came home with 3 containers full, dirty feet, and a heart full of pride. I couldn’t believe I actually pulled it off! People came by to see ME and MY ITEMS. SPECIFICALLY ME. A couple people told me they’d seen my event on Facebook and one even came to see me specifically for one purse she’d seen on a FB post. She purchased the bag she’d seen and a handmade dress I’d thrifted for myself originally. It never fit me right and I gave up on the idea of refashioning it for myself. The dress looked like it was made for her. I knew I made the right decision by including it in my market day. It had been previously unlisted and now I see why, it was meant for HER.  Things just work out that way sometimes,

I learned so much that day, and I feel even more prepared for my next event. And you know, there will be more. This is my new jam, this is my new thing. I’m going to find more of these events to bring  my style and vision to. I know I have more items that you’re looking for, you just don’t know you need my goodies. Yet.


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