Covid-19 Shop Updates

Shop with confidence!

It seems Covid will be a part of our lives for some time now. I addressed this in a brief Instagram post but want to elaborate a bit here just in case. Silver Sirena is based out of San Antonio, Texas, what was until very recently a Covid hot spot. (Keep it up SA!) It was (is?) a scary time here in SATX but I’ve been cautious and doing my part to help keep my community safe.

Mid March San Antonio went into Stay at Home Orders and non essential business was temporarily closed for a period of time. I made the difficult decision to put Silver Sirena on hold for a bit. My children had gone on Spring Break, and over the break we were told the campus was closing for “a few weeks.” Well, we all know how that part has turned out. I felt overwhelmed with the news, virtual schooling, and all this new normal mess. Like much of the world, right? I took a couple weeks off from my Silver Sirena role, and tended to my mommy, wifey, daughter, neighbor roles. I’m so grateful I even have the ability to do so. Definitely a blessing and perk of self employment.

I even had a bit of an existential entrepreneurial crisis! It all felt so silly to hawking CLOTHES of all things while the world was on fire. But once my home settled into a new routine, I found myself watching WAY TOO MUCH news. Like a lot of us now. Before Covid- I never was much of a news watcher, it always really bummed me out. So I skimmed headlines and relied on my ex husband letting me know if any major shit was going down. I know that is not good, but it was all I could handle. Post Covid- I couldn’t get enough information. I needed to know everything. I eventually realized I needed the distraction and activity of Silver SIrena. All the news was starting to bum me out so I opened back up for orders. And got busy. Thankfully people were still shopping!

With that, I want to let all my buyers of my shop updates and policies regarding Covid-19. Just want to make sure you know you can shop with confidence. I’m so very grateful I had the foresight to invest in myself and rent an off site, secure, smoke and pet free, climate control storage unit. YAY for me! This was initially a move to make room at home. I outgrew my fishbowl. More like my family decided they had outgrown their rooms. We’ll go with both. A few weeks after moving all my inventory and shipping supplies, we went into lock down. It was serendipitous.

Here is how I ensure you are receiving a clean and safe item from Silver Sirena:

  • All items are sanitized before photographing.
  • Hard goods are wiped with sanitizing wipes or washed with antibacterial soap if possible.
  • Clothing and fabric items are laundered if possible. ALL FABRICS get steamed with a high powered industrial steamer. Definitely hot enough to kill those germies.
  • Shoe and bag exterior/interior get a steam to kill germs, and wipe down.
  • Once listed, all inventory is packed and stored off site in a secured climate controlled, pet and smoke free unit only accessible by me. I’m the only one ever handling my inventory.
  • I even wear a mask while I pack your goodies!

I am taking Covid seriously, for me and my family. All this is weird and difficult, but it too shall pass. Let’s look out for each other and get through this. Wash your hands, stay 6 ft apart in public, and wear a mask. Stay safe and please don’t be a dick. Take care and stay safe all.

This post will be updated as needed.

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