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About this dress…

I’d thrifted this cute little black dress. So simple, nothing fancy, from Old Navy via my local Goodwill. Adjustable spaghetti straps, elastic waist, black with little with flower. Cute and best of all FRESH. In the South Texas heat, breathability is a must for most of the year. This dress was so versatile too. In the spring and fall, it went well with flats and a cardigan.  I love this damn dress.

THE DRESS was there when I chopped my hair off.

To say I was going through some personal stuff at the time is an understatement, but this isn’t about MY shit, this is a love letter to a dress.

THE DRESS and I have been through some shit.

I wore it once to a Frida Kahlo Festival here in San Antonio and walked passed a woman wearing the same great dress. We had each accessorised it differently, her with red sandals, and me with my favorite combo of turquoise jewelry and yellow sandals. Thing is , I was in a weird place in my life and was really socially awkward, shy, introverted, I don’t quite know what you’d call it. But I walked passed this woman and didn’t even acknowledge her or our great dresses. Weird I remember that.


I bought THE DRESS at my favorite little thrift shop that shall remain unnamed because its just my  little secret. Couple years pass, shit happens, shit hits the fan, life moves forward, still my favorite dress. Winter. Holidays. Pounds. Months in jeans, sweatpants, and sweaters easily hid the pounds creeping up. Or Maybe I noticed but also kinda liked how the pounds looked in jeans. I never wore jeans and it was a really cold winter, so lots of jeans. I blame the sweatpants the most.

Spring time rolls around and so do I. The weather warms up and I naturally start going through my collection of dresses and start trying my favorites on.

Annnnddd nothing fits.


Plus side is I’m still all up in all the thrift stores so, finding NEW TO ME favorites to add to my dress collection. Every now and then I’d try one of the older favorites and be sad. And then buy a new to me favorite.

So one lovely spring day I was browsing my favorite thrifting spot and I spot a familiar black and white print. ITS MY DAMN DRESS! IN MY NEW CURVIER SIZE!!!! I’ve come to terms with my new curves. I’ve worked out a lot of weird issues with my body and I’m ok with my weight. I’m still rocking cute outfits, I feel great, and most of all I’m much happier now than I was when I was smaller. Oh well, whatever. I joked on Facebook that I’m chubby and happy and that is actually true. Life is  pretty good. And now I get a new favorite perfect dress.

To new adventures! 
Ok bye, enough about a damn dress.

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