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Let’s Talk Nice & Bella

Pssst…hey, I’ve been trying to get your attention here. You really need to check out my Nice & Bella website. I can pretty much guarantee you will quickly accumulate a nice little wishlist. When I went to a local B.O.S.S.Y. Latina networking breakfast, I had no idea I’d meet Sandra and fall in love with all the sparkly, shiny, pretty goodies she had in her bag.

I loved how stylish and classic everything is! So easy to mix and match pieces, affordable, and beautiful quality. Id best describes my personal style as classic and eclectic vintage. So much of Nice & Bella fits my style.

You know how when you pick up a piece of jewelry, it has to have that WEIGHT. Not like heavy weight and drag your ears and neck down. But it just needs to feel substantial. Nice & Bella feels substantial. I’m currently a huge fan of our collection of studs. Substational studs.

So go on and check out these links, About Nice & Bella Like SilverSirenaFinds on Facebook for lives showing you my Nice & Bella favorites. And of course, Nice & Bella by SilverSirena to shop, share, and request a social.

I’m looking forward to also sharing outfit inspiration soon pairing my Nice & Bella favorites with my Poshmark Closet, Mercari, and Etsy Shop goodies!

Stay tuned to all sorts of news!

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