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GUYS. It’s Happening.

I'm like...all aflutter today. Like can't sit still, too many ideas, my to do list grew exponentially, and I'm totally stoked about it all. Last week I made the decision to  try out the boutique side of Poshmark. According to what I've read, it will drive buyers to my closet, more exposure, and you get… Continue reading GUYS. It’s Happening.

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Refashion? Upcycle? Something like that…

Last week I had the opportunity to visit my parents. I totally used the chance to source inventory for my Poshmark closet. I used to find some good stuff for myself at the thrift stores back when I lived there. Not so much this time. It was hit and miss. Mostly miss. But I worked… Continue reading Refashion? Upcycle? Something like that…

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Thrifting Day! 

I get stupid excited on the days I get to hit the thrift stores. I'm eager to go, so I'll make this quick! Some pretty basic tips. Basic but I didn't think of them until someone else pointed them out. Do a quick Google search of thrift stores in your area. Save this search. Maybe… Continue reading Thrifting Day! 

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Independence Day

It's quite fitting that my first post is on Independence Day, the 4th of July.  As my adventures in thrifting, reselling, refashioning, repocketing, (yea, I totally made that word up, but it will make sense later, promise) is all in search of myself and my independence... Hi! I'm Christina, also known as Silver Sirena. Sirena… Continue reading Independence Day