New Year, Same Sirena

Let’s be honest here.

Well hello there new decade. I’ve been expecting you. Welcome…

It’s the time of the year where everyone is all about resolutions. “New Year, new ME,” left and right. Everyone is full of enthusiasm and hope. Determined to make this THEIR YEAR. And I wish them all well. But that’s not me. Not anymore.

If I’ve learned anything in 2019 it is that CONSISTENCY is key. I don’t intend to make any resolutions. Unless remaining consistent counts as a resolution.

Last summer I moved in with my boyfriend, I gained an actual office. Well, a small bedroom to be exact. But definitely an upgrade from my previous”office,” my dining room. My inventory was stored in totes in a wet bar/closet. Previous to that, I worked in a corner of my bedroom and shared my closet with my Poshmark closet inventory. My few listings were easy to hang up there. So having an entire room WITH A DOOR for privacy and a closet for storage seemed like heaven. I felt legit. Like a real Posh Boss. I was on a mission to make it so cute and functional.

But then I realized something. I was out of excuses now. It had been easy to say I couldn’t list or work because kids were in the way or I was distracted by whatever around me. I had everything I could need to succeed. It was all before me, in my hands and up to ME to make this work. ME. Just me. I had space, storage, privacy, and most importantly support. My boyfriend, AKA Dunnswood is so supportive! He sees my vision and truly sees me there. We have plans and collaborations up our sleeves. He is just awesome!

So with everything I could possibly need to succeed in my little hands now I had to get to work. I sat down at my big beautiful thrifted desk and made a plan. The plan is basically this: work everyday. No secrets, no hacks, no tricks. Just work. Everyday. Every single day I aim to do something that will benefit my empire. Listing new items, cross listing to my other platforms, sharing, following, social media posts, etc. Every. Single. Damn. Day. Period.

I forced myself to be disciplined. And that is hard for a flaky, depressed, anxious, easily distracted chick like me who hadn’t held a “real” job in 8 years. But I constantly had to remind myself that if I wanted to grow my empire, earn my office space, make money for my family, I HAVE TO BUCKLE DOWN. No more options. No more excuses. No time wasted. Only empire building.

My followers increased on all platforms. (Hello all 105k of you on Poshmark!) My sales increased. My confidence in my empire grew. Who would’ve guessed it? You put in work everyday and you reap rewards? CRAZY RIGHT?! But seriously, I had to give myself many chats about focusing and kick my own ass to get to work. No social media unless its work related. (That one was hard at first.) Many days I just didn’t feel like working. And that is because I LOVE WHAT I DO. But its gotta be done. And no one is gonna do it but me.

Its such a boring thing to say but the best Posh tip I can give is be consistent. And as boring as it sounds thats my only wish for 2020: remain consistent. So lame and boring. But it works. For me.

I wish us all a peaceful, productive and prosperous new year. Please feel free to ask me any reselling questions and I will answer to the best of my abilities. Follow me on the socials up top here! Lets make this new year the one where we help eachother grow and build. There is room for all of us.

That handsome supportive man of mine, Darryl aka @dunnswood
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