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Authenticity vs Professionalism

Something I’ve struggled with since the inception of Silver Sirena: Do i still need my customer service voice as a small business owner? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to cuss a buyer out or make snarky remarks on other seller’s listings. No. I’m basically a nice lady. But as an entrepreneur, small business owner, Posh Boss, Mom Boss, Boss Lady, WHATEVER you call yourself while running things, how casual and authenticly you can you really be? In this era where SBOs (small business owner) are expected to be ON all the time and online as well, how much is really YOU?

(That felt very Sex and the City as I wrote that.) Anyway.

The meme that launched a blog post.

I’ll be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing. Not even going to pretend to be some sort of coach or reseller role model here. I’m figuring it out as I go along. A couple years ago, I attended many SBO workshops and networking type events. I never felt very good at them. I loved the information I learned about starting a small business. I was often inspired by the polished and poised women I met at these events, turning their passions into a hustle. Total goals. But I felt so far from that. I do feel a bit closer now, years later. A bit more polished, not much more poised, but definitely more confident. Scroll way back through my IG and see some of that evolution. But you’ll also see a lot of the real me that hasn’t changed: foul mouthed woman with a weird and sometimes dark sense of humor. My IG story is often filled with fabulous new listings, thrifting shenanigans, ridiculous memes juxtaposed with uplifting Chingona type shit. I don’t post those boosts for y’all only. Almost always they are more like notes to self that I too am a bad ass boss bitch such as yourself.

I’ve blurred the line between authenticity and professionalism a bit in a way that is comfortable for me. And I hope my audience. If there was a point to this rambling post, I suppose it would be this: You should see the shit I don’t post.

I need to Sharpie in an S for plural dogs but otherwise accurate.

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