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It Really Was a Great Day SA

Dress, shoes, and jewelry from Uptown Cheapskate Huebner. Cardigan from Thrift City Huebner.

Last blog post, I wrote about the awesome Posh n Sip held here in San Antonio. Little did I know how that event would lead me to some really cool people and more fun events! Making connections with other local Poshers is leading to great opportunities for exposure and I’m just loving being a part of the community.

A few weeks ago, Posh n Sip host, Shenel asked the San Antonio Poshmark Community if anyone might be interested in helping her with an upcoming segment on Good Day SA. She was in need of 3 models for 3 different amazing looks that could all be found in thrift stores. I’m no model, but I am pretty good at finding gems in the thrift store so anxiety be damned, I volunteered.

I got to meet up with Shenel at Uptown Cheapskate on Huebner to find my perfect thrifted office look. The idea was I’m a busy working mom and need affordable, multifunctional outfits. Quite a stretch for me. *wink-wink* Here’s a peek at our excursion and the fun we had trying different looks.

Dressing room selfies are a must.

As the segment day approached, we added final touches and I got to help another model who was having a hard time finding shoes.

Ok, it’s now the night before the segment and NOW the nerves are hitting me a bit. This is LIVE TV. What if I fall, or have a booger?! Thankfully none of that happened. I’m grateful to the fellow model who pointed out the lipstick on my teeth a moment before going live. But not all was well. The zipper on my dress broke. I knowwwww! I had a hard time zipping it up myself. I even tried to wake my stepdaughters and tried a neighbor to get myself zipped up. I didn’t want to be late, so I left. Unzipped.

Soon as I got there, I asked Shenel to help. No less than 4 women tried to no avail. We had had trouble with the zipper in the fitting room and of all days, today its stuck. Its almost showtime and we finally decide to just use clips and now I’m not removing my cardigan. At the time, I was mortified. All the way home I was sure I was going to have to cut myself out of this beautiful J Crew brand new with tags sundress. Insert sad face here. (Once home, my daughter was able to wiggle the zipper just enough to give me enough room to pull it over my head. Barely. Zipper is still stuck by the way.)

Overall, such a fun experience! Seeing the behind the scenes of a morning talk show was pretty cool! I’m definitely glad I set my anxieties aside and did this.

J Crew earrings and necklace from Uptown Cheapskate.
The host Cristina is so teeny tiny in person! And really nice.
The segment before us was making cookies and we got a treat! Perfect because I’d skipped breakfast.
Bad vegetarian. (But so yummy!)

And here is the entire segment as shown on KENS5. Again, thank you so much Shenel for this opportunity. I had a blast!

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