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Posh & Sip San Antonio Rcap!

Silver Sirena representing at Posh & Sip San Antonio, June 29, 2019 at The Cove

I am SO glad to been invited into the Facebook group San Antonio Texas Poshers not only have they been a really welcoming and informative group, Shenel (@Glitter_assoc on Poshmark, Save.Sell.Shenel on IG and YouTube!) graciously put together a wonderful event! It was nice to finally put a face to the closet so to speak. Mingling and munching and all the thrifting, sourcing, Poshing talk you can handle. I felt like I met my tribe.

These are my people. A whole lotta Posh Love going on here!
Shenel thought of everything with her awesome goodie bag. Its a perfect little Posh starter kit. 
I’m going to add my closet name to these and share when anyone asks me what I do! Maybe make some copies too!!!
A list of Top 10 Sourcing locations in San Antonio with money saving tips, a Posh map, and a handy set of guidelines for the new Home Market on Poshmark. Telling you…they thought of everything! 
Really, REALLY love these! What a cute what to thank your buyer and express gratitude.  
Smells Poshy. And I am definitely blessed to be able to do something that I love. 

Check out Shenel’s trip to Posh Party Live Chicago and stay tuned for a little collaboration coming up TBD…

Hope everyone reading this is having a great summer and happy hunting if you’re out thrifting!



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