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Do The Damn Thing Already!

I need to get my shit together already.

I’ve got this BIG box of goodies that I’ve accumulated over a few months. Items I’ve sourced, were given to me, or sometimes from my own personal closet.

(Poshmark is really great for two problems: nothing to wear and too much shit you don’t wear.)

I tried to abstain from sourcing, from adding to the box. I gave myself a NO SOURCING JULY rule. I did well for a couple weeks, I kept bust and listed and moved, and lived my life. I DID go into the thrift store a couple times, but just to find furnishings for my new sparse place.

Then 3rd Saturday Market came around at Dollface Den It was hot as balls as usual but a great turnout and I had a great time. As always I met some very cool people who loved my cool weird shit.

3rd Saturday Market is going to skip August’s hot as the devil’s balls heat and Silver Sirena will be back in September! Maybe even popping up at a few other spots around San Antonio! I think it’s time for me to get around more. 😉😂

Then a couple of very cool people invited me to a very cool event.

It was the following weekend and I had to break no NO SOURCING JULY rule. I had to find extra special pieces for this event.

I found some AMAZING stuff that pretty much all sold at the event. I was so nervous. I really didn’t think I was cool enough for this event.

I. Had. A. Blast.

And sold so much stuff!! To some very cool people who loved my stuff. It was a great feeling!

It’s been a great July!

So NOW I’m tightening the belt and once again implementing a NO SOURCING AUGUST.

But for reals this time. I made a sign and everything.

So it’s on. I’ve been listing like crazy on ALL my platforms. That box is literally full of money and it’s just sitting there! So I’m toiling away, getting to listing LOTS. So keep an eye out!

Anyone up for the challenge of NO SOURCING AUGUST???

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