Happy New Year to Me!

Spoiler: My birthday IS my New Year.

With the arrival of new leaves, wild flowers, green grass, sunny days, brings all sorts of new beginnings, Spring. But before we can appreciate the wonders of La Primavera, we have to wade through Spring Break. A traditionally bleak week weather wise. Has been since I can remember. My birthday has always been in the middle of Texas Week, so the weather always played a  part in birthday shenanigans plannings since I was a little cachetona.

Now that I’m all sorts of mature now, I’ve made the mature decision to start new years, new beginnings, at the start of new years of my existence. Once once rotation around the sun completes , only THEN do I get to celebrate a new year and get a new beginning. Its my birthday so screw you, I do what I want.

The month of March brings a new year, and new beginnings. Last March, I opened my Poshmark closet with only a few belongings from my personal closet. Vague taglines, not very descriptive descriptions, one or two photos taken on my living room floor. What a difference a year makes. In so many ways for me.

New year, new trip around the sun, new outlook, new goals, new newness…I dont know, its all just so new and overwhelming at times. I have so many ideas and plans! Its on.

I’ll be a better blogger this time around. I’ve decided to keep this as real as I can. It might have started out as a “Posh” blog, but now this is me, and my life including but not limited to Poshmark and thrifting.  So let’s go on and see where this goes. Fuck it.

(And you don’t even know that this post took me two days to write because I kept getting interrupted.)



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