Finally and Never Again

For real.

Ahh, here I am, your friendly, neighborhood lazy blogger. Guess what? Remember I had two items that I purchased to start my Poshmark boutique? Remember how excited I was? Yea, nevermind all that.

My two items arrived and were listed on Poshmark in early August. I had those gold tone butterfly clips purchased through the Poshmark wholesale portal. And those maxi dresses with the super high slit. Both I was sure were super cute and on trend. I just KNEW they’d sell quick and I’d be on my way to doing all things boutique. Maybe I’d quit thrifting and reselling and just go into boutique?! So many plans and dreams for my boutique.

Well, that all eventually faded. Tarnished, Rusted. Languished. Disintegrated. The two items just sat. Dropped prices strategically. Shared the crap out of them. Both items got lots of attention, likes, and shares. No bites. Months have passed, the season to wear these items has passed. There is literally snow on the ground now in San Antonio and I finally FINALLY sold the butterfly clips. “Sold” is a stretch to say. I don’t even want to do the math on them but I’m sure I pretty much gave them away. I don’t even want to know. I was so sick of sharing them, I accepted an offer for the lot of three. The only offer I got on them since listing in August.

Now to get rid of those dresses. I’ll also probably just accept any offer on them. Might keep one for a swimsuit coverup next summer. Basically it was all a bust. I don’t even want to do the math on those either. After the price drops, I”m probably giving these away too.

Boutique tips I can offer? Don’t do it. Just kidding, Poshmark boutiques work very well for some people. Like anything else in life, some people just have that knack. I do not. I’m waiting to sell those last dresses and then removing my boutique status. I’m sticking to what I know: thrifting and reselling. THAT I’ve gotten the hang of, THAT I feel confident in, THAT I feel I can do, and do moderately well. I can see boutiques probably doing very well during the holidays for gifts and such. People don’t generally gift second hand clothes or accessories . (Although I wouldn’t mind a second hand gft at all. But that’s just me.) So my Poshmark has been kinda slow lately. The buyers come in spurts. I like to think they’re treating themselves to a little something special. I’ve added lots of higher end brands, more shoes, just more of a little bit of everything. Trying to add a variety of items to draw exposure to my closet.

The only bit of real advice I can offer is one thing I didn’t listen to myself: do not purchase from the Poshmark Wholesale Portal. Don’t. Poshmark is saturated with those items and they generally aren’t worth the mark up. To make a profit, you’d have to mark up these no name pieces and compete with name brand or designer items for the same price or less. If you buy wholesale outside of Poshmark, be sure to figure in shipping and taxes in your expected return on investment. That was my miscalculation. Lesson learned. Seems 2017 is all about learning lessons, trusting your gut.

Good luck to us all this holiday season. I wish us all a prosperous season and a thriving New Year.

(Getting that new year bit in because you know I suck at blogging and might not be back before the year is out. I’ll try though.)

Happy Poshing!

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