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It’s been weeks, right? These last few, seven or so weeks have been just packed with lots of life. TONS of life! Just so much of life attacking me at one. Distractions out of everywhere. But I survived. Am surviving. But during this time, I came to a really important realization, a self discovery to shake my core. Stick with me. I hope you can be tolerant of this as I share with you dear reader. I realized something, it became clear to me that I’m a shitty blogger. I’m sorry. But it’s not for a lack of desire. I have a list of topics and blog ideas I want to throw out into the void for no one and everyone. There is just not enough hours in the day lately. I need to remember how THIS is part of my money too. In a way. And my community. So there. New reasons to be a better blogger. I don’t want to be a shitty blogger.

(Private confession on the public internets: But when I DO do my job here and sit at my laptop and type this out? I feel like Carrie Bradshaw a bit. But missing the deep, literated, rhymey, opening rhetorical questions. And the fashion. But really to my credit, I think Carrie would approve of my style and closet. Especially that 80% of my personal closet is thrifted. Yea, she’d approve. And I think she’d read my blog. Anyway…)

Like I mentioned, just too many distractions. I’ll try harder. SOooOoo, whats up with you? I’ve been Moming, Poshing, thrifting, working, livin’ man.

I’m devoting today, my only free day this week, to getting seriously started with my merchandise for my Etsy shop. Yea, thats also been on the back burner for a bit as I TRY to create something resembling a routine for life. But ya know, how that goes, shit happens. The important part is that I’m getting the ball rolling today. I’m blocking out distraction to work on my money. I mean my merchandise. Same thing really. I need to get this ball rolling. Like I really need another thing added to my plate? You would think? But no, I need it. The ideas have been just sitting there, under my skin, itching to come out. Its time.

So with that! I’m logging off. Walk the pups, check the social medias and Poshmark notifications, Pandora (Beyonce radio,) and make that money.

I’ve been a magnet for nerdy stuff at the thrift store recently. Yea, that IS the London tube map, and yep, conquistadors on silk. That Pac Man skirt sold in an hour. Probably my fastest flip! I’m keeping that 4th Doctor scarf pattern cardigan forever. See me work.




2 thoughts on “Guys…”

  1. Yes! I hear you. I have many ideas on the back burner as well. Life gets in the way, true, but excuses just keep you focusing on the wrong thing. Good for you to focus on where you’re going and paying attention to the ride along the way. I feel more focused on where I want to go these days instead of where I am and where I’ve been! All the best to you!

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  2. Loved it…felt like we were in the same room as I read it…like it was a real conversation, face to face!👍🏼😍Keep doing it all because that’s just what we gotta’ do…it makes us who we are. Have a fabulous day!! Love you!😻

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