Milestones, Poshmark

100 Bread Bags

I might never throw this away.

One woman’s trash, is another’s amazing milestone. Why am I so excited about trash? Did it have the Golden Ticket? Am I overly enthusiastic about recycling? Did I make an eclipse viewer with it? Nope. I use those bread bags to protect my buyers purchases. Sealed up with tape, then wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon to make it pretty. Who doesn’t like opening a pretty package?! I really want your purchase to feel like a gift. After all, you chose to treat yourself to something I’m offering, the least I can do it make it worth your while and make it feel special. Because you know what? The items I sell on Poshmark are special. To me at least. I chose each item in my Poshmark closet carefully and with love. My items are not ever anything I’d never wear myself. Well…except for that one weird sequined Disney tee that sold in about an hour. That was just a good flip for me. But I’d never wear that even though it was Dolce and Gabbana.

Anyway, back to the empty box. So yea, I use those bags for every item. Every single item. So do you see what that empty box means? 100 bags. 100 items. 100 ITEMS. I didn’t start using the bags until a couple months of using Poshmark. I got them when I decided to up my Posh game and take it seriously. There have been more than 100 items sold, but this is such a sweet milestone for me. 100+ items since taking this seriously and treating this as a business. That feels huge for me. It’s something I didn’t think anyone else would get until my daughters asked why I had an empty box on my nightstand. They were so happy for me and gave me the best hugs. And yesterday I went to buy a new box of bags for the next 100 items. I’m not sure if I’ll throw this empty box out anytime soon. I’m quite proud of this empty box and it makes me happy seeing it.

Happy Poshing! How’s your August going?

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