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August Goals

*Full disclosure-  I’m typing this after having a couple mimosas at brunch. Yay for day drinking! Let’s begin…*


August is going to be bright!

What are your August Posh goals? I am fully ready to take this full on as my business. So many things in the pipeline. And one of the most crucial parts of this is ORGANIZATION. I’ve been a mess for a few years with personal struggles, but now is time to get my shit together and get to work. Step one is get into a routine. It is time to see this as my job, and treat it as such. Once school starts, I will really be able to get into a routine or schedule.

That said, my list of August goals is meant to create good business habits. It’s been said it takes 21 days for a habit to stick. A month of good habits should totally help me get into a groove.

Is case you can’t read my handwriting and for some clarification here’s my list:

  • Track sales (calendar) I need to see if there is patterns to my sales. this could help determine when to list, price drop, or relist.
  • Share my Poshmark closet minimum 3 times a day. Exposure, exposure, exposure!
  • List one new item daily minimum. More listings, more choices, more sales.
  • Weekly blog updates. Well, yea. Hi! Thanks for stopping by.
  • Follow 40 closets a day. 10 suggested users, 10 new users, 10 fresh closets, 10 from my brands.
  • Update Excel Poshmark inventory workbook daily. Know your inventory, know your money.
  • End of month goal: Apply for Poshmark suggested user.

I’m keeping this list as the front page of my PoshBook. That’s my book for sourcing notes, listing notes, expenses, Phase 2 notes (that repocketing thing I mentioned before)  and household budget, pics of my girls, basically my life. It’s the front page so I see it every time I open my book. So it stares me in the face and makes me feel bad if I’m not keeping up with it. No excuses. We are 5 days into August and so far so good. Actually so far, so great! On Thursday, Silver Sirena had its best day YET! I sold 11 dresses in 24 hours! ELEVEN! That is a new record for me. One sale was actually a FIVE DRESS BUNDLE! It got there super fast thanks to Poshmark’s 2-3 day shipping. She gave a glowing love note, saying her dresses were “to die for,” and rated her purchase 5 stars. I love happy buyers.

It’s not too late to set your goals for August! August is going to be bright for us all!

Happy Poshing, loves!


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