About me, Poshmark

GUYS. It’s Happening.

My first wholesale purchase.

I’m like…all aflutter today. Like can’t sit still, too many ideas, my to do list grew exponentially, and I’m totally stoked about it all.

Last week I made the decision to  try out the boutique side of Poshmark. According to what I’ve read, it will drive buyers to my closet, more exposure, and you get bumped up in search results. Ok, I’m in. I took Posh’s “certification” class. It was about 3 questions that really were just reiterating the rules. Cool, because I was afraid it was some sort of REAL business class and I’d fail. Done in a few minutes with a congratulations! You are now a boutique! Now what, Oh! My favorite bit- BUY STUFF FOR CHEAP. I went through Posh’s wholesale portal, even though I’d not really heard anything good about it. With my calculator handy, I found a couple items I felt fit my closet and budget.  But I wanted to wait a bit and do more research. Did I mention all this went down at 2am? Yea, I can be impulsive like that. It’s been the bane of my existence more than once. But also allows for some fun stories!

Gladly sleepiness took over and I decided to look around more in the morning when I was a bit more clear headed. I decided to start small and just with accessories. Because what good is a pretty dress, which my Poshmark closet is full of, without pretty accessories to finish the look? I went pretty conservative and just chose some hair clips. The pretty butterfly clips shown above. I don’t really have anything in my closet that I myself wouldn’t wear myself. And if I had the hair to pull them off, I definitely wear these babies.

In typical Christina fashion, it turns out I’m doing this ass backwards. Upon further research of the legalities of wholesale buying/selling, I come to find I need a business license? Maybe an LLC? I have to register a real company?  I have 100 questions and Google is giving me 1000 answers. So I made an appointment with LaunchSA to clear the air for myself. I want to be sure that I’m doing this right and legitimately. Plus taxes and all that stuff just freaks me out, so I want to make sure  I’m on the up and up.

I determined to make this into much more than a hobby or side hustle. I want this to be my business. I want to be a business owner. And I want to do it right. I’ve attended several workshops at LaunchSA for social media and small business, how to make your business plan, accounting for small business, etc. The information has been invaluable! And the best part, its FREE. I’d totally encourage anyone to look up their local Launch office or Small Business Association for insights.  That is what they are there for!

So until I have that meeting and know the facts, I will have to just sit and stare at these pretty butterfly clips. Sigh. And I also ordered some beautiful dresses from an online wholesale distributor. That was what I thought was a calculated move, until I factored in their shipping. Lesson learned. Once I get my permits and such set up, I will list and sell my little heart out! I’m even looking around at local wholesale distributors to hopefully save on shipping.

In the mean time, catch me at the thrift shop digging for unicorns. Happy hunting! And most of all Happy Poshing!!

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