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Thrifting Day! 

I get stupid excited on the days I get to hit the thrift stores. I’m eager to go, so I’ll make this quick!

Some pretty basic tips. Basic but I didn’t think of them until someone else pointed them out. Do a quick Google search of thrift stores in your area. Save this search. Maybe print out the results or write them down and as you visit them take notes like small kids section, lots of shoes, or maybe some special finds you come across. If you find something spectacular, make note! It’s likely someone from that area donates these babies and you may find more later. (I just want to know who just GIVES AWAY a $450 Johnny Was maxi dress?! WHO?! That was my best flip yet.) Follow the stores on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever you got. They’ll post sales and events you won’t want to miss. And the best one, sign up for their emails or rewards programs. You’ll get coupons sometimes and advance notice of sales or promos so you can plan your trip.

I have one locally that often sends out $10 off a purchase of $20 or more. Most thrift stores do a color of the day discount. One color tag will be 50 or 75% off. Try to stick to those colors for the most profit. When I use these coupons, I stick to the color of the day (unless it’s something really speacial) and that with the coupon feels like I got free inventory for my Poshmark closet.

And probably the most important bit of advice I can give that I never take myself. TAKE YOUR TIME. Test the zippers, check the buttons, look for stains where food usually falls- lap, chest, sleeve. Don’t spend too much if you don’t think the stain will come out. Although for my own personal closet, if something has a stain that won’t come out, I just dye it. Yep. And like a whole new dress. Works like a charm. I’m hesitant to that for my Poshmark closet yet. But I’ll experiment when the right piece comes my way.

Ok, I’m off! Happy hunting!

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