About me

Independence Day

It’s quite fitting that my first post is on Independence Day, the 4th of July.  As my adventures in thrifting, reselling, refashioning, repocketing, (yea, I totally made that word up, but it will make sense later, promise) is all in search of myself and my independence…

Hi! I’m Christina, also known as Silver Sirena. Sirena is Spanish for mermaid, in case you didn’t know.  So I’m The Silver Mermaid. I run a little but growing online boutique specializing in pretty dresses and most importantly, dresses with pockets. I love dresses with pockets and have entertained a slight obsession with them for years now. But first, a little about me.

I’m a 40 year old, single mother of two. Turning 40 was weird and anticlimactic. I think I expected some big change. There have been changes. Many, many changes. But small and subtle. There is a confidence in knowing you have 40 trips around the sun under your belt. In knowing that you’ve survived thus far. There is a sense of maturity yet youthfulness. I finally feel as if my life is starting to make a little sense, like I’m finally figuring this life thing out. Kinda. We’re always learning, right? I hope to never stop learning. I’ve spent the first few months of my 40th year with  my nose in a book, studying, planning, plotting, scheming, and dreaming. This is all the beginning of my empire. I’ve got big plans, big, dreams, and huge goals.

I love thrift stores. Have since college and I needed to find something to sit on in my first empty little apartment. Lots of the furniture and whatnot where from thrift stores, garage sales, hand me downs from family, anywhere. I wasn’t picky. I was just glad to have a place of my own. Fast forward many years and I was drawn back to the thrift store. No real reason other than the thrill of the hunt. I like nice things and if I can get them super cheap, even better. I do tend to go for cute over labels. But I’m a sucker for some labels, especially in bags and shoes. Accessories make the outfit. I grew up kind of poor and my mom always said I was good at making my K-Mart clothes look really nice. I can still do that. It’s all about confidence and accessories. And the right accessories give you confidence. Back to the thrift stores. I suddenly became obsessed with wearing dresses. It just made so much more sense. It’s usually hot down here, so they’re practical. Plus it’s just easy. And I’m lazy. It’s just one thing to put on, throw on some sandals and you’re done. And people think you’re dressed up for some reason. I fool people into thinking I actually put effort into my look, when in reality, I’m just lazy.

When I started thrifting for dresses, I realized I had a knack for finding amazing dresses that were not my size. I was always thinking “someone needs this!” I felt a duty to liberate these beautiful frocks from the thrift store, They deserved better. They deserved to be loved and in good homes. Yea, I’m a little passionate about my dresses. Between you and me, some of my favorites even have names. I started texting friends, “you need this dress.” And the idea began to grow. Maybe I could do this online? Maybe I could make a little money? Maybe I could find good homes for these pretty dresses? The idea knocked around my brain for a couple years, but just never came to life. Until I turned 40. Newly separated, I realized this was my chance to start over and do the things I’ve always wanted to try. I looked into online selling and decided to give Poshmark a try.  March 4, 2017, I set up my Poshmark closet with items from my own personal closet. They sold fairly quickly and I was hooked. (There’s a link up top if you want to check out my Poshmark closet.) Being newly separated, money was tight. I took $13 to the thrift store and picked out the prettiest dresses with pockets that were 50% off.  Literally, $13. I wrote on a Post It note “I started all this with $13,” and pinned it on my bulletin board in my new little closet/office space. When my empire reaches the point I want, I will be able to say I started this with $13. And what’s the point I want my empire to reach? Global dominance of course. Or just to be able to do this thrifting/reselling/repocketing thing full time and not have to have a real job. Goals. I promise I’ll get to the repocketing thing soon. You’ll just have to come back now won’t you? I hope you do.

Here’s to pretty dresses and Happy Independence Day!


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